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Delay buying something less than an express logistics records check and found that obviously went to Wuhan jordan 11 Gamma Blue for sale" domestic travel ", and bloggers often miss this dumbfounding. November 27 morning, often on the day cat lady bought a pair of shoes, not until yesterday morning to receive delivery . Want to check it on Miss Chang Shen Tong logistics records, which show that the message is sent to the 28th Wenzhou Ou sea at night to leave Wenzhou transit department, after a period of Chongqing, Wuhan Wuchang transit department and then to other places . Interestingly, the message in the 30th in the morning and leave in Wuchang , has to go to the Panyu , Chongqing and Dongguan . " No. 1, the day is not recorded ." Miss so often surprise, she suddenly received the jordan 11 Gamma Blue 2013 yesterday afternoon. The logistics records show that after the message directly to the Dongguan and has been distributed to the Wuchang . "This record is really puzzling logistics , ah, my shoes 'd traveled the country ." Miss Chang said with a smile , thanks to yesterday received the shipment . In this regard , the reporter consulted STO Express Services Limited , a staff member , the person said , the jordan 11 Gamma Blue can not be " traveled " the country, probably due to the scanning operation errors . He explained , STO belong to the low-end logistics company only shipped through the mail train , " records show logistics shorter time interval , in reality, there can be so fast to operate, may be jumping yards ."
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